Delivering Elegance 

Nadeem Khaled

Managing Director & Founder

The visionary Managing Director of Evolution, is the driving force behind the company's present success and future aspirations. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Nadeem propelled Evolution to unprecedented heights, positioning it as the foremost talent agency and audio production services provider in the region. His strategic leadership and unwavering dedication have solidified Evolution's position at the forefront of the industry, setting the stage for continued growth and innovation.  

Meet Nadeem!

Meet our innovative team!

Yasser Abdelrahman Soliman  

Head of Sound & Co-Founder (Evolution of Audio) 

Leading the market with his technical knowledge and industry standards, Yasser is nothing short of being one of the top sound engineers in the region. Yasser adds immense value to what we provide our client’s with and is the safety net they need to get exactly what they want, the way they want it, and as technically correct as it should be.


Bassant Tarek 

Head of Production Management 

Efficiency & smooth operation in financial management is one of our promises to our clients delivered by Bassant. Distinguished by her experience in production, Bassant is one of our pillars to guaranteeing a hassle-free and smooth experience in every single project.

Tuqa Magdy El Mowafy 

Head of Creative Media

Innovation was further amplified into our branding, graphics and creative concepts ever since Tuqa joined the team. Her unique perspective and persistence allowed our brand to further develop and grow not only internally but also with our clients in our deliverables.

Omnia Sameh 

Executive Assistant

Versatile implementation & fast delivery in our production department is one of our promises to our clients delivered by Omnia. With swiftness and precision, she overlooks internal operations to help us deliver with perfection, in the least amount of time.